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Coralyn J. Dance/Physical Fitness Classes
Terms and Conditions


Coralyn Jones (Coralyn J.)


Payment Policy

Payment is required prior to participating in any sessions.  No refunds are given for sessions the participant do not attend. Exceptional circumstances may be considered.

Private Lesson: A 48 hour cancellation notice in writing via email to is required to cancel or reschedule a private lesson. 

Workshops: You may only attend a session once payment is received through CashApp, Paypal, etc.  No cash on the day of class will be accepted. No refunds apply to all workshops unless it’s canceled by Coralyn J. due to the company’s fault.

Cancellation of Classes: If classes are canceled due to the fault of Coralyn Jones, a makeup time will be offered/considered.  Fees will be refunded or altered at the discretion of Coralyn J.  We retain the right to change the advertised program of classes in the event of illness or other circumstances beyond our control such as bad weather.

Fees are subject to change without prior notice, however, you will be informed. 


Choreography: Please always give credit to the choreographers when presenting their work. 

Lateness Policy

Please arrive on time! Coralyn J. will not repeat or reteach if a participant is late.  Participants enrolled in private sessions will start at the designated time.  Time will start at the scheduled time.  Warmup will be included in the sessions.  Participants who arrive more than 15 minutes late may be asked to observe the class for reasons of health and safety.

Dress Code & Lost Property Policy

Dress appropriately for each class. Coralyn J. and/location will not accept responsibility for items lost or stolen.

Respect Policy

Always respect the sessions and participants enrolled in classes. Participants disrupting the class will be asked to leave.  You may encounter different dance levels.

Health and Safety

Coralyn J. accepts no responsibility for injuries sustained.  COVID 19 guidelines are available on the website.  Coralyn J., teachers, choreographers and volunteers takes appropriate measures ensure a safe environment.

Media Use Rights Permission

Coralyn J. request the use of all media. Names will not be attached to any pictures.  Media (photography, video, any reproductions) may be used for advertising, fundraising, publicity, press releases or other branding purposes including but not limited to social media, press releasing, printed or electronic platforms. 

Coralyn J. reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time for the benefit of the business, staff or participants.

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